May we view the world as a stage
with us all acting a part
some as heroes
some as villains

Through many lives, and many loves
the Christ / Buddha beginning to express through us
Spirit expressing through us gently, beautify, flashing light
exhilarating, as taking wing - a flock of doves

As we turn the world around in our mind
seeing for the first time
how deeply we love
how deeply we care

The Christ Child born again and again
playful, exuberant, exploding compassion from within
taking the blinders from our eyes
opening our Hearts, deeply loving and wise

Time shifts, past lives merge
as it has always been
playing the role of forgetfulness
asleep we have been

Awakening we come
hand in hand with the Christ Child
the kaleidoscope of lives
our own and everyone’s, we view

Wakeful forgiveness we find
opening the doors of Divine Mind
Love beyond words found true
Love beyond words found true

Playful, the Universe chuckles
the illusion of separation lifted
co-creators we become
mystery of mysteries, we are one

Love beyond words found true

Namaste – May the Divinity in us all be recognized
and Christmas Joy be found – Lin