“Katherine’s Spirit”

Have you ever watched her?
That woman in the big,
Old house.
She was meant to be seen.
Did you heard her voice?
Singing a song or speaking
In the garden?
She needed to be listened.
Her soft silhouette, walking
In the darkening night.
It’s unforgettable how she
Lived life!
But when a ghost crossed the
Grass the light in her eyes
Went out.
She tried to talk me,
But, I was afraid.
Even with her voice,
Angelic, beautiful to the
Ear, I didn’t want to
Hear her. Her lips were
She said to me: “My
Time is over, but my spirit
Will not rest. I loved
To live, but one day,
My life changed.
Listen, and remember:
“Don’t lose time”.
I lost it.
“Don’t walk so fast”
I did it.
“Take a long rest.”
I didn’t.
“Life is like the trains on
A railway, you must
Choose the right one.”
I chose the wrong one.
Listen- and remember.

by Leticia Ponti, 2004

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