by Rosemerrie Christie

I wanted to understand
waiting to be a Mother
to Know what Mother means
When I kissed you "Hello, Mother."
or "Goodbye."
I wanted to comprehend
the difference between love and duty
To be breasted and warm with
a comfortable stomach
And glasses that tilt with a pearl chain to hold them
But I am not that Mother.
Only woman, filling up daily
Awarenesses grow like jungle vines
through my love for you.
I florish on the sunny days of realization
Soak moisture from my tears over yours.
I am amazed.
I felt the mother-love you gave
And there were four who needed feeding.
I am amazed
That I am strong now and healthy
With towering counterparts
When it was often a hardship
to nourish four baby birds.
I am learning more about you...
More about Love.