Joni Hill

One day while cleaning my new house,
I found the evidence of a mouse.
I went to the store and bought a trap,
Baited it with cheese then waited for the 'snap'!

After 2 days when I checked on the cheese,
It was still there, dry as a breeze.
I looked in the fridge for a leftover goody.
Would a mouse go for chicken? Well, would he?

I thought with a sigh,
I'll give it a try,
If he doesn't like that,
I'll try some bacon fat.

That night I was startled by a 'snap'.
I was sure I had caught a mouse in the trap.
But when I looked in the hiding place,
Of the chicken or mouse, there was no trace.

As I was resetting that miserable trap,
A thought came to me like a thunder clap.
Anyone with common sense,
Would get a cat in self-defense.

The next afternoon, I went to the pound,
Where a nice young lady showed me around.
I looked in the cages at a lot of cat faces,
But all of their eyes seemed to stare in blank spaces.

Just when I thought my search was for naught,
We rounded a corner and my attention was caught
By the shiny, bright eyes of a five month old kitten,
Gold & white stripes and little white mittens.

She said "He's called 'Sandy' and doesn't like birds'.
He watched her intently, listening to the words.
With his nose pressed up against the cage door,
He reached out a paw as if to say "more".

When she put him in my arms and he started purring,
I knew I'd been had, there was no deferring.
Then and there, I was utterly smitten
By this alert, affectionate, cuddly kitten.

On the way home he checked out the van
While I shopped for food, kitty litter and pan.

That night while we were watching T.V.
We had a little talk, that kitten and me.

I said "Listen, cat, while Sandy's a nice name
It doesn't fit you, it's to soft, it's too tame.
With a kink in your tail, you're laid back and mellow,
But you're also a pouncing, rough-housing young fellow.
You're an inquisitive player, a hunter, a ham,
The perfect name for you would be --- Sam.

Now Sam's been fixed, declawed and shot.
Your cat's kittens father he is not.
He can't climb curtains
But that doesn't stop Sam.
He's a racer, and chaser, a lovable scam.

Me and Sam have become inseperable friends
And with anothr happy note, this story ends.
Since Sam has come into the house,
Not the slightest evidence of a mouse!

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