Self Realization

by Nadine Lewis

As I watched the fire this morning, feeling wonderfully good,
Sipping coffee in the dawning,I was lifted by this mood.
A soft warming was upon me, warmth both filling and surrounding.
It was nothing made by fire or made by bread.
Say it was a warmth of pleasure, like the presence of a lover,
Heating every cell of me and dizzying my head.
And this ecstacy continued, even as I crossed my doorstep.
It was with me in the sunlight, itwas with me in the woodland.
I was peace and peace was in me, body, mind, my flesh, my sinew,
While I worked or while I listened to the songs of birds around me
I was with the world of sunlight, with the universe unbound.
I could feel the sap arising, I could feel the spring upon me,
In and out and all about me, happy, warm, ecstatic, peaceful.
In my spirit I could feel it, all the preciousness of life.

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