She's gone. How can she do this to me?
To whom will I pour all my midnight sorrows?

How can you abandon me this way, I ask.
I have no choice she replies.
I can't live my life just for you.

She doesn't move, doesn't speak,
but the scent of violets enfolds me in her arms.

If I run fast enough and pray hard enough,
surely I can put a stop to this.
All in vain, all in vain.

She lingers a while longer.
At morning, when the receiver returns to the cradle,
she is no more.

And yet she is.
At the moment of her departure,
she is more here than there.

Finally, she has become my constant loving companion.
She is now and forever a whisper away.
With her leaving, she has bound us for all eternity.

My sister of the stars.

Marjie Muro
September 23, 2003



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