This section is dedicated to the Poetsand Writers out there who would like a place to express themselves. Poetry is Spirit revealing the universe through you, just let the words flow. Your poem has a unique message for each person who reads it.

The stories you share may contain words another person needs to hear at just that moment. To know that others feel the same feelings and have had similar experiences can be comforting in difficult times, and laughter is always the great healer.

If you have never put your thoughts in writing, now is the time to begin. Someone is waiting to listen to what you have to say. You can tell us your real name, use a pen name, or remain anonymous, but tell us what is in your heart.

We are just getting started but one day hope that this section is abundant with your insights and talent. The following offerings are now online:

Katherine's Spirit
Star Sister
A Child in the Hallway
Introducing Sam

If you would like to add your own work to any of the following sections, please send it in! We are open to submissions for the categories suggested below. Just click on the box that most closely suits the subject of your work and and an addressed email should open up. Either paste the text into the body of the email or attach it to the email as a .txt file. We look forward to hearing from you!
Short Stories
Children's Stories
Pet Stories